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Refrigerator Storage Racks

Refrigerator Storage Racks

Madix Wide Span Racks serves as Refrigerator Storage Racks for on hand-stacked inventory with the need of cold storage. It is often used when bulk or loads preclude the use of storage shelving. Wide Span is manufactured of heavy gauge, high-tensile steel. Wide Span is available with a number sealed or coated wire deck and beam options to safely match what you need with your budget. It assembles quickly and has many accessories. It is available in two standard colors or finishes that match Madix display fixtures.

When bulk or weight eliminates the use of storage shelving, Madix Wide Span Racking is the ideal alternative for any refrigerator system.. It is affordable, has many commercial, and industrial applications such as Refrigerator Storage Racks. Frames are slotted on 2" centers to accept brackets on horizontal beams. Beams are tied together by steel deck supports.

Wide Span Racking is a great choice as a Refrigerator Storage Racks for heavy bagged goods, products, machinery, and tools.  Wide Span Racking can also be used for the storage of  heavy bagged goods, products, machinery, and tools.

Wide Span Racking basically is constructed of Upright Frames, Beams, Deck Supports, and Decks that assembles fast easily.  We also have available affordable Beam Kits for basic configurations.  For advanced applications like refrigeration and outdoor use beams can be configured.

Wide Span Uprights

Wide Span Uprights

Heavy gauge 13/4" square Upright members with welded oval cross braces are slotted 2" OC for adjustability. Heavy-Duty Frame has additional bracing to resist accidental stacker impact. Top beam will fit flush to top of frame. Requires a minimum of two decks, four beams, per section.

Available in Heights from 48" high to 120" high and depths of 18" Deep to 48" Deep

Wide Span Decks

Wide Span Decks - Wide Span Decks

Wide Span Decks available is a Wood Deck, a Wood Sealed Deck, Wire Deck Styles, and a Steel Deck.
Wood Decks are durable 5⁄8" particle board and are available in a Regular and Heavy Duty configuration.
Sealed decks have baked-on polymer wax finish.
Wire Grid Decks are pieced for ease of handling
Sturdy 5⁄16" (8 mm) diameter gauge wire welded on 1"x 6" (25 mm x 152 mm) grid centers
Standard finishes: Silver Vein, Sahara, and Blue Gray

Wide Span Beams

Wide Span Beams 

Heavy gauge beam body with integral connectors fits snugly into upright slots and maintains deck align­ment with basic fixture slotting.
One beam pair required per deck.
Image shows two Wide Span Beams and three Wide Span Deck Supports.
Wide Span Decks ordered separately
Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray.

Wide Span Deck Kits

Wide Span Deck kits

Wide Span Deck kits include beams, supports and decks.  Compatible with  the more basic applications mostly used indoors for large bagged goods like Dog Food and Cement.  Wide Span Deck kits available with a wood deck and a wire deck.  Wire Deck kit also available.

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